Enough is enough.

Share a message of support to help raise awareness of sexual harassment and violence:
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We can’t let things slide any more, it’s time to call out the comments, actions and aggressions that we don’t want to have to experience any longer. Everyone has a right to feel safe at all times..
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Powerful and empowering – we don’t want to be another number!!
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Everyone can play a role in challenging the deeply held attitudes.
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I would like to say that I’m shocked by the statistics but I’m really not. We’ve got to start seeing some meaningful change to bring these numbers down. #enoughisenough #rawlines
Adele Barbaro
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I support Raw Lines.
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1 in 2. I’m a 1. It has to stop. Call it out when you see or hear it in anyway possible.
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I support Raw Lines absolutely!
Nicole Oaten
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I support RAW LINES
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I support Raw Lines in all workplaces, public places and homes across Australia 🇦🇺 ♥️
Bec Goring
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I support raw lines 🤘 enough IS enough!
Melissa J
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I support RAW LINES. Enough is enough
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I support Raw Lines!
Merita Tabain
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We are walking a very long road of change - this is an initiative to help us all keep walking. I support Raw Lines.
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